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How do we deal with the Darkness?

How do we Deal with the Darkness?

At this time in our world, there seems to be a frighteningly decisive fork in the road which after staring at it like a rabbit caught in headlights, we have reluctantly opted to take one path or the other. From whatever path you chose and consequent perspective you currently look out onto the world, there seems to be a heavy and steadily growing energy that mirrors the other, two diametrically opposed thought forms, gradually culminating into the same outcome.

Whether you look out onto the world with a rising fear of a life-threatening virus, loss of employment or business, separation from those you love and feelings of anger, despair, disillusionment or depression resulting from those not conforming and allowing this misery to perpetuate and destroy the life and world you knew


Whether you feel the rising fear of an eroding liberty and dark agenda of control and removal of personal freedom, loss of employment, deliberate destruction of business, cash and identity, separation from those you love and feelings of anger, frustration, disbelief and depression at those who are not seeing what’s being played out and making themselves ill and vulnerable with blind conformity.

Both belief systems are weighing down humanity, both energies focusing on a negative outcome, which will make it a reality. Our consciousness creates, that’s the power that we hold, and at the moment, either of those projected outcomes battling it out will not bring us a good outcome.

Both are based on fear and discord with each other, if there is a deeper agenda going on then we are playing right into that energy, likewise, if there’s a virus out there, it’s going to ramp up.

How do we deal with the darkness?

How do we address a ‘lose – lose’ situation?

There is only one way, individually, you must focus your attention on a positive outcome. Don’t focus on what you don’t like or don’t want to happen, you only give power to that and intensify the speed at which it will manifest.

Don’t focus on a ‘them and us’ divide, an ‘aware and unaware’ status, a ‘mask wearer or non-conformist’, all distinctions will separate and divide you and the fear that generates will keep the situation alive and kicking.

Our collective negative thoughts and resulting emotions are the virus that is destroying us.

I’m not convinced that life as we knew it could have continued along the same way for too much longer, change had to come for all of our good, but the outcome of that change sits squarely with us. This is a pivotal time in the history of mankind, the choices and decisions we make now will have long ranging effects, beyond the scope of what we can consciously comprehend. If that all sounds dramatic, I make no apologies, because it is.

We are making the future now, what do you want to see emerge from this? Picture right now the world you want to see. You have chosen to be here on this planet at this time for a reason. A bright and glorious future hangs in the balance, one we are willed to have, but that can be engulfed in the darkness of our thoughts and expectations and fragment in to silver dust.

You are greater than your darkest fear, brighter than your darkest imagining, kinder than any anger and more powerful than you have ever allowed yourself to believe.

Your thoughts and your beliefs alone can turn the tide in your own life, but collectively, we can bring that new bright beginning for all of us.

You are not ineffectual; no positive thought is ever lost. Expect positive outcomes for all of us, without exception, let’s make this happen, a proverbial phoenix can emerge from these ashes. Don’t allow set backs and glitches to deter your focus, things have to end before they can begin again, change can be scary, but the end result will be the one you envisage. Hold no anger or resentment at that which unfolds, darkness is the teacher that leads us back into the light once we thank it for its lessons and see through its powerless disguise.

You are the custodians of this planet and the future of humanity; mentally ask to remember that

and all help will be given to you.

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