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Akashic Record Relationship Readings

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Akashic Record Relationship Readings

Our relationships play a major role in our personal growth. Understanding the soul connections we have with the various people we have in our lives can help us to understand and deal with any relationship issues from a higher level of awareness.

A Relationship Reading will highlight details about a specific relationship, how many lifetimes you have shared with this person and in what roles. It details your current life lesson with this person and what aspect is currently being played out within the relationship. Sometimes it helps us deal with relationships if we have a better understanding of the experiences we came to have with the other person in previous lives. It will also show if there are any blocks or restrictions present for you, which could be adversely affecting situations or dynamics. All past life karmic obligations accrued as blockages or restrictions are removed during a Soul Realignment but there are other current life ones which can also be present.

If blockages are found, clearance is requested to remove them and a 21-day personal clearance affirmation sheet will be provided and required to be completed by you also, to remove these from your Akashic Record.


Please note that there will need to be a gap of at least 3 months, for requesting a Relationship reading if you have just had a Soul Realignment done for you. The soul needs time to integrate the clearing and changes from this fully before engaging in the next round of clearing. 

Single Relationship Reading

A single relationship reading is where I only have your permission to open your own Akashic Record. This means that I can give you details about your side of any specific relationship. So, if you tell me the name of the other person and their relationship to you, i.e friend, partner, parent, work colleague etc, I will then be able to tell you what life lesson you chose to have with this person, how many lives you have had together and in what capacity, it will then highlight any blocks and restrictions you may have with this person so we can clear them from your record. I will require the name of your chosen person and your relationship to them on the form submission below. Both records can only be accessed with the circumstances listed below:


Joint Relationship Readings with Minors and Live in Partners

For those that have completed a Soul Realignment™, a Relationship Reading can be done by accessing the record of a child aged 15 or under (click here for more details), or a partner that lives with you on a permanent basis. In this way, a reading can be accessed from BOTH records to give a more detailed analysis of the relationship and dynamics within it, helping you to know the other person at a soul level.

Please note that if a partner has recently moved out of the home, even if still married, their Akashic Record can NOT be accessed! It is a requirement to have had a Soul Realignment™ reading to be able to access the records of those listed above without their permission. This is because those we live with can affect our energy and after being cleared ourselves, we are entitled to clear those around us and so gives us permission to request access to their record for Soul Realignment™ or Joint Relationship clearings.


Joint relationship readings with minors or live-in partners will require you to fill out the form below with your details, I will then contact you to give me details of the other party using the email address given to me during the booking process.


Other Joint Relationship Readings

This option is available for two people to come forward together and ask for a detailed analysis of their relationship. This can help both parties to understand the true nature of the relationship along with personal soul analysis and life lessons. These give you more depth in understanding the dynamics of a relationship so can offer a wealth of information to help you know each other better at a soul level. This is open to all types of relationships, not just ones of a romantic nature!


Full permission will be required from both parties to access their respective Akashic Records.

For joint relationship readings where two people come forward together, one party member will be required to complete the booking form and payment below. When this is received, we will contact the other party member to obtain their details and permissions to allow the reading to commence, so a contact email will be required for the other person.


For all readings, please allow up to 6 weeks for the reading to be processed before contact will be made after booking and payment.

The reading will be recorded and sent via email as an MP3, giving you background information and accompanying explanation to the forms sent with your reading.  Please inform the other party member to send an email to giving me your name so that I know which partnership reading they are joint to, then to tell me their full name now, full name at birth, date of birth, place of birth and a statement saying that they give me permission to access their Akashic record.


Bonus Analysis Information

Included with your Relationship Reading are your Soul Specialisations and details of your connection to the Higher Self. (Full details below).

Soul Specialisations

Soul Specialisations provide additional clues as to your Divine gifts and soul purpose. These embody certain skillsets for which your soul was innately designed. Each soul can have 1, 2 or 3 soul specialisations, there are 11 in total.


Connections to Higher Self

Our Higher Self is the highest part of ourselves of which we can have awareness in our human form. It is where our intuition comes from when we tune into inner guidance. The more connected we become to our Higher Self the more we go beyond our intellectual self and acknowledge ourselves as a spiritual Being with an inner knowing of our soul purpose. Connection to our Higher Self happens on both a conscious and subconscious level. This process determines the percentage of your connection from both. This gives us an indication of where we are currently at and a possible intention we can choose to set as a part of our growth.

Timings for Your Readings

For all readings, please allow up to 6 weeks for the reading to be processed before contact will be made after booking and payment.

An automated email will be sent to you once you complete and submit the form below,

please check your spam folder if not received.

Privacy Policy


Please note that all information received throughout the Soul Realignment process is fully compliant with the new General Data Protection Regulations of May 2018. Please see our privacy policy below.

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