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Akashic Record Life Situation Blueprint Reading

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Soul Realignment™ 


Soul Realignment™ is one of the most valuable gifts we can give to ourselves, clearing our karmic pathway by removing all past life karmic obligations we have accrued through our choices from previous lifetimes. I fully recommend this process to everyone prior to having a Life Situation Blueprint reading, the greatest benefit is achieved when used in conjunction with the continuation of the journey, but it is not a requirement.

(click here for full information if you have not been through the process of Soul Realignment™).


Life Situation Blueprint Reading

Every situation in our lives has a root cause. These root causes originate in various ways. They can be through karma, beliefs, intentions, actions, trauma or many hidden misalignments to our Divine Soul Blueprint.

As an advanced level practitioner in the workings of the Akashic Records and the Divine Soul Blueprint, I know that there are many issues that can contribute on a hidden level to the situations and problems you see manifesting around you.

This reading enables me to look into your problems in a very in-depth way, with many options to investigate to reach and highlight the contributory factors involved. For many of these issues, we are able to request a clearing of them, to clear your energy and allow for new actions and opportunities to come forward for you to take advantage of. 

Here is a list of the different types of blocks and restrictions I can investigate on your behalf, after having had a Soul Realignment™. There are a lot more for me to look for if you have not already gone through the Soul Realignment process, which is why it is strongly recommended first, as only those relating to your current life situation will come up, whereas ALL past life karmic debts etc, will be cleared with Soul Realignment™:

🌻Code Corruptions

🌻Parallel Timelines Interference



🌻Hooks & Cords



🌻Negative Choices

🌻Genetic Karma

🌻Ancestral Vows

🌻Hungry Ghosts

🌻Viral Entities

🌻Archetypal Blocks

🌻Archetypal Repatterning

🌻Negative Unconscious Patterns

🌻Chakra Balancing

I will also be giving you some tools to use to help you to understand more about yourself and how you operate from your Divine Soul Blueprint to help you to align your choices and actions to your Highest expression in this incarnation, these include:

🌻Finding the Organising Principles of your Divine Soul Blueprint

🌻A Soul Energetic Matrix Reading

🌻Life Lesson Reading

🌻Soul Specialisations

🌻Level of Connection to your Higher Self

As a requirement for this reading, you will be sent a form on booking which you will need to fill out detailing a description of your current life situation, what you are experiencing, listing as many problems as you feel are contributing to the different aspects going on in your life at this time. There are several other questions on the form which will help me to determine the nature of the root causes present and how best to address them. Please only fill out the information you are most comfortable in sharing, all your information is strictly confidential to me personally and is not stored on any computer.

Once you have returned the form the information can be accessed via your Akashic record. So, permission will be needed to continue working in your Akashic record if you have previously had a Soul Realignment™ reading, or full information and permission required if not.

You will receive several documents detailing the readings and information collected on your behalf along with an mp3 recording to accompany the documents giving you a full explanation of the readings.

Your commitment to this process will be to read an affirmation sheet for 21 days consecutively, affirming that you require all relevant blocks and restrictions removed. This will be explained more fully during the mp3 recording.

For all readings, please allow up to 6 weeks to be processed before contact will be made after booking and payment.


Please note that there will need to be a gap of at least 3 months before requesting a Life Situation Blueprint reading if you have just had Soul Realignment™ done for you. The soul needs time to integrate the clearing and changes from this fully before engaging in the next round of clearing that these readings are likely to produce.

An automated email will be sent to you once you complete and submit the form below,

please check your spam folder if not received. This will contain a link to the information form

you are required to complete, as detailed above

Privacy Policy

Please note that all information received throughout the Soul Realignment™ process is fully compliant with the new General Data Protection Regulations of May 2018. Please see our privacy policy below.

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