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Tarot Course Comprehensive

This is a Comprehensive Tarot Course   
I invite you to learn how to read your cards intuitively
using the
*Rider-Waite Tarot Deck

 Course Introduction

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This is a Comprehensive Tarot Course -  Learn how to Read Your Cards Intuitively Using the Rider-Waite Deck


If you are new to Tarot or have been struggling to learn your cards, this course is ideal for you!

This course has been put together combining 20 years of practical experience in reading the Tarot cards. 

Many people struggle to the point of giving up on their cards with the daunting task of having to remember the meanings of 78 Tarot cards! This course has been designed to get your learning and working intuitively, dispensing with the need to use books, giving you the confidence to get working with your cards.

This course gives much more practical guidance with all aspects of the Tarot, besides working with each individual card! It also covers how and why the Tarot works, how to prepare for a reading, principles and aims, symbology, additional aspects, and much more. For each section of the workbook, there is an accompanying video tutorial giving you added thoughts and ideas and working with you through each card in the deck.

  •     It includes an extensive, printable workbook with over 115 pages of informative content

  •     Over 8 hours of accompanying video tutorials to guide you through the learning, giving you the benefits of a one-on-one                    experience without the ties of schedules or times.

  •     Learn at your own pace

  •     An in-depth looks at each card and the symbology present

  •     Advice on how to prepare and conduct a reading

  •     Practice Readings

  •     Different Spread Templates

  •     Course Completion Certificate

On purchasing this course you will be sent a link to download your course containing your full 115 page PDF workbook and links to all the 31 numbered video tutorials. Once you have downloaded the course you can get started straight away! 


*Purchasing or having use of a Rider-Waite deck is a requirement of this course*

There are many variations of the Rider-Waite Cards available and any will suffice as long as they have the same core imagery.

How to Use This Course

This Course has been designed to help you to understand and start working with your cards in an easy, intuitive and comprehensive way, dispensing with the need to tediously remember meanings and refer to books.

I have created this course for you to enjoy and work through using two different methods. You can download the course materials and work through it independently, at your own pace, or you can choose to watch the many video tutorials I have prepared and work along with me through each subject and the cards themselves.

If you choose to follow along with the video tutorials, make sure you download, print and have your relevant course materials to hand, especially when we start looking in-depth at each card. There is space provided on your written materials to note down your first impressions etc., as a reference point to look back on.

It is advisable to follow each video tutorial in numbered order as this has been carefully designed to lead you through your course in a way that gives you the necessary information and explanation for the upcoming sections.

However you choose to work through your course, please make sure that you complete Part 1 before going on to Part 2. Learning the Major Arcana of the Tarot deck is highly important before moving on to the Minor Arcana.

This Course gives you a much deeper understanding as to what the Tarot is and why it works at all so that you not only learn how to read the cards, but become more aware of the guiding forces behind it. This will make a big difference to your future readings if you really do take note, embrace and use this knowledge to move you forward on your Spiritual journey, whilst helping others on theirs.

Tarot Course Comprehensive, learn how to read your cards intuitively using the Rider Waite deck

Tarot Course

Instant download upon payment


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