Tarot Course Comprehensive

How to Learn and Read Your Cards Intuitively

Using the Rider-Waite Deck

A Comprehensive Tarot Course - Learn how to get started with your cards straight away!

*Purchasing or having use of a Rider-Waite deck is a requirement of this course*

There are many variations of the Rider-Waite card deck available and any will suffice as long as they have

the same core imagery.

If you are new to Tarot or have been struggling to learn your cards, this course is ideal for you!

This course has been put together combining 18 years of practical experience of reading the Tarot cards.

Many people struggle to the point of giving up on their cards with the daunting task of having to remember the meanings of 78 Tarot cards! This course has been designed to get you learning and working intuitively, dispensing with the need to use books, giving you the confidence to get working with your cards.

This course gives much more practical guidance with all aspects of the Tarot, besides working with each individual card. It also covers how and why the Tarot works, how to prepare for a reading, principles and aims, symbology, additional aspects, and much more. For each section of the workbook, there is an accompanying video tutorial giving you added thoughts and ideas and working with you through each card in the deck.

•    It includes an extensive downloadable workbook with over 115 pages of informative content

•    Over 8 hours of accompanying video tutorials to guide you through the learning, giving you the benefits of a              

      one-on-one experience, without the ties of schedules or times.

•    Learn at your own pace

•    Practice Readings

•    Different Spread Templates

•    Course Completion Certificate

Choose to work with me through the video tutorials, download the full course and work at your own pace or combine the two! Choose whatever option works best for you. The video tutorials use PowerPoint presentations, enabling me to give more in-depth meanings and insights to the sections covered, beyond the workbooks.

On signing up, you will be sent by return, an automated email giving you a login password so that you can access the course at any time. This cannot be changed, so please make sure you make a note of it for future access to your course. On logging in, you will find the video tutorials which are numbered from 1 to 36. You will also find the PDFs of the workbook sections which are also listed in numerical order. Clicking on these will enable you to view or download those documents. It is advised to follow through the course in the numerical order presented as this has been specifically designed to give you the best understanding and flow of learning.

If you would like to find a new and easier way to learn and start working with your cards, then sign up below! The Tarot cards are a wonderful way to help you on your spiritual pathway whilst helping to bring clarity, guidance, direction and advice to others.

Do these wonderful Divine tools have a role to play in your future? If so, I hope to be able to guide you on that journey.


Love and blessings,


Toni Jehan 

Course Creator and Instructor

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