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Soul Realignment™ Home Realignments

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Soul Realignment™ Home Realignments

As a part of Soul Realignment™, we include a service called Home Realignment.


When you go through the Soul Realignment™ process you are clearing many energetic blockages and restrictions that have blended to create your current energy vibrations, therefore your energy vibrational levels will increase quite dramatically once these are cleared.


Like every single thing in our world is made of energy, so each person, object or place responds and is affected by the energy states around it.  When you live in a property or have your own personal living space within a property, this will gradually take on and blend to your energies and that of those that live there. If we are happy in a home, this will create harmonious energies around us which makes it comfortably 'feel like home'. Some properties carry strong energies from previous owners or tenants or are affected by the placement of the property, sometimes the land on which it sits, in these instances, our ideal home never feels like home, which can greatly affect us as we spend so much of our time there.


This is the reason that a Home Realignment is offered as part of the Soul Realignment™ package. Each home also has an Akashic Record, and it is through this that the realignment is done. When you request that this is done on your behalf, the record of the property is opened and is scanned firstly, to see if there is anything untoward in the property, like earthbound spirits, negative thought forms etc. Secondly, it is checked to see if you have any objects or crystals in the home that are giving off negative energy as this can create disharmony in the vicinity of these. It is surprising how many old or ancient heirlooms, objects from charity shops or memorabilia carry negative energy and crystals that are not regularly cleansed! Anything untoward is escorted from the property and helped to transition and objects and crystals are re-toned to cleanse them. Thirdly, the energies within the home are then realigned to match your new energies, if you have been through the Soul Realignment™ process, this then allows your home to continue feeling like home, preventing you feeling 'at odds' with it.


If it is discovered that the property has been built on land designated as a sacred site, battleground or burial ground, a process of requesting that the land is reassigned is undertaken on your behalf. 


All properties are infused with Divine Love and protection as part of the process.


Moving Home

Should you move home after you have had your home realigned, we are happy to offer this process for your new home for a small charge. Please just fill in the form below, giving the address of the new property that you wish to be realigned.


Please allow up to 14 days for this process to be completed once payment has been made. I will let you know the results of anything that may have been found and to inform you that the energies have been realigned for you.


What About Other People Sharing the Home?

Other people sharing the home will not be adversely affected by a Home Realignment. When energies are increased within the home this actually opens the space for other members to access and embrace the more harmonious energies available.


Do I Need Soul Realignment™ Done to Request this Service?

No. Home Realignments are available to those that have not been through the Soul Realignment™ process. This offers all the above without realigning the energies of the home, as your energies will not have changed. It will, however, scan, clear, re-tone and reassign where applicable.


Who Can Request a Home Realignment?

Only the person who is in energetic ownership of a property can request this service. This is very important. You do not have to own the property, i.e you can be in a renting situation, but you have to have authority and responsibility for being there, this is classed as being in 'energetic ownership'. If you rent a room in a person's house, you can only clear the room you are personally living in, your personal space within the house. If you live with someone permanently, but do not own the property or pay the rent, you can still request a clearing as the energies of the home will affect you. If you only reside there on a part-time or casual basis you cannot request this service. Public places cannot be cleared under any circumstances due to the free will of everyone involved.


An automated email will be sent to you once you complete and submit the form below,

please check your spam folder if not received.

Privacy Policy


Please note that all information received throughout the Soul Realignment™ process is fully compliant with the new General Data Protection Regulations of May 2018. Please see our privacy policy below.

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