Tarot  Card Readings


*Please note that due to the current Corona Virus pandemic, Toni will not be able to offer one-to-one Tarot readings.  We will make these readings available again at the time when this situation has passed. We hope you all understand the need for these measures.




A Tarot Reading for You?  What is the Tarot all about?


Many people are still very fearful about Tarot cards and view them (and their readers!) as somehow connected to matters of the occult, certainly, some of the images in the pack can appear alarming on first sight.  However, in order to accurately reflect current situations happening in people's lives, there would need to be images that convey times when one's life has been turned upside down! People's lives are seldom easy, so what good would a pack be with only images of sunshine and good fortune?  We doubt you would give us any credibility as readers if the outcome we foresaw was always rosy.  Tarot cards are simply a 'tool', a means by which the information you need at any given time in your life becomes available to you.


Our Readings


What can you expect?


When we do a reading, we always ask for a blessing on the querent (yourself), the cards and the reader, that we may receive all necessary guidance to give you the most meaning from your chosen cards.  We like to do an overview first as this usually points out any areas which may need further clarification.  Then any questions you may have or issues arising that we may decide to look into further.  Each person and each session is obviously different for this reason.


Tarot readings are conducted by Toni, she has attained full qualification, she is fully insured and has been offering Tarot Card readings for over 18 years.  Readings are conducted in our home in Felixstowe for £35 for approximately one hour.  You will also receive an information and Spiritual guidance pack to take home with you.


Choosing a date and time for your reading


Please note that when choosing a preferred date and time for your reading this is not a confirmation. I will look at my diary and see if I can fit you in with your preferred choice. Please make sure your preferred booking is at least one full week ahead, I rarely have appointments available within the same week. Should you require a quicker appointment, please message me via our contact page and I will look at my availability, but I cannot guarantee an earlier appointment due to bookings with other services. I will contact you as soon as possible to confirm a mutually agreeable date and time with you. If you have paid for your reading and we cannot find a suitable date within your needs I will issue an immediate refund.


Privacy Policy


Please note that all information received throughout the booking process is fully compliant with the new General Data Protection Regulations of May 2018. Please see our privacy policy below.

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One-to-One Tarot Card Reading

1 hour (approx)  |  £35
Full 13 card overview with further questions

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