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Another Dish on the Covid-19 Menu

Another Dish on the Covid-19 Menu

So, here’s some free food, you don’t have to queue, stand 2 metres apart, wear a mask or take any other risks to get it, it’s food for thought!

There’s been plenty of that to dine on right now, some palatable, some not so, but in this space of open creativity, I’ve put my own dish together. It may be inspired by a vegetarian, but I believe there may be some meat in it!

So, I’ve been asking for guidance about everything going on to help me to gain my own understanding behind the polarities we see unfolding. I clearly observe a real division between those almost being afraid to believe the possibility that such painful devastation, could in any way be a ‘positive thing’? Against those being drawn into the deep fear, mistrust, judgement and greed, driven by self-preservation.

There is a lot of focus on the origins of the virus, which will indeed become unravelled at some future point, but the overriding thoughts I’ve been receiving are that, it doesn’t matter! Whether this is man-made, accidentally or intentionally ‘put out there’, an act of God, a mutation of nature, something from outer space or the planet deciding it’s had enough of us, it’s all unimportant right now!

Instead of going around in circles, frying our brains, pointing fingers or apportioning blame, there is one overriding consequence that we really need to focus on, and that’s dealing with it!

So, it’s here now, the bigger picture to it all will unfold, but right now, how are you going to deal with and embrace it?

However it got here, it is now challenging us to fill the void from the normality we have all accepted as our reality, the mind-numbing treadmill that we have all been so busy maintaining, that we haven’t thought to ask or been shown the button how to stop it, so that we can get off and take a really good look at it. Well now it has been done for us, it’s stopped working temporarily, our ordered reality has come crashing around our ears and we don’t know how to handle it.

Many will say that they do, but then use it as a chance to keep maintaining the old normality, a great flush of catching up on things, cleaning (well, desperate measures and all that!), mending, binge watching TV, creating and posting, you name it, the wonderful resourceful talents we possess as humans are funny, inspiring and ingenious, but eventually, those distractions will run out, then what? And in posting this, I am fully aware that many key workers are indeed working flat out and not getting these opportunities in the same way, but I know their moments of reflection are likely to bring them to the same conclusions, albeit from totally different experiences and perspectives.

However, we are being given a real opportunity now to stop trying to fill the void. With the treadmill out of action and the distractions it brought with it to keep our blinkers firmly on, out of the way, we can REALLY start to examine the treadmill. We’ve not stepped off of it to be able to look at it before, so now’s our chance.

One of my favourite sayings is: ‘In order to see anything clearly, you must first close your eyes’, how true is that!

So let’s do it, go ahead and close your eyes. This isn’t just some ‘new age’ nonsense, having your head in the clouds or not facing up to or dealing with the ‘real world’. This is the biggest and best opportunity you have ever been gifted with to get beyond the surface of what you accept about yourself as your reality, and dig deeper.

With your eyes closed, literally picture a treadmill if you like. Really look at it, the belt is nearly worn through, bits are falling off, wires are hanging down, sparking, no longer connected up. If this were in your local gym, you would refuse to get on it! But you rest your whole existence on its continued momentum, do you really think that’s a safe or sane thing to do?

Now close your eyes again, and this time, see a box next to the treadmill. This box has a bright light radiating from it, open the box and look inside, you might be mystified to find just a single mirror inside of it. The strange thing is, when you look in this mirror, you don’t see yourself, you just see a very bright light. Study this light, take it in, be dazzled by it, because it’s the only real thing you have ever looked at. This is the Who and What you are, not the physical body you identify with, not the name you call yourself or the face that usually stares back at you that you struggle to like, not the sum of every difficult situation, trauma or painful backstory, but the REAL you. You are so much greater than you ever allow yourself to dream. You are not a cut off, weak or vulnerable little human being. You are the Light that you see in the mirror and nothing else, you are unbound, unrestricted, abundant and powerful, Divine Being.

Whether you believe this or accept this as a truth about yourself is a choice that is being shown to you right now. If you want to make sense out of the madness, the sadness, the fear and the treadmill, you need to look in that mirror every day. Most of us have been presented with the time now, few of us have any excuses not to. This Light has options for you and answers, it is your key to an awakening of a whole new perspective on your life and how you live it, don’t put the mirror away now.

Sometimes things conspire to create opportunity. Sometimes we NEED our world to be rocked and shaken to its core before we will stop and take note. There will be much grief and heartache in the wake of this tragedy, but I personally hope that we are not the same people after this event that we were before it. If we cannot connect to that spark that unites us all ALREADY, and embrace it into our lives, then the chance for something good, something amazing, something that changes everything for the better, to come out of this tragedy will have been lost for good.

Please don’t spend your time anxiously waiting for the treadmill to be fixed so that you can carry on as you did before! We are all greater than that and really needing to value our own self-worth.

Keep looking in that mirror, and if you struggle to see a Light, then mentally ask in your mind for help to see it and to know yourself as you truly are. Other planetary changes are coming, this is your opportunity to seek, embrace and prepare. This is our wake-up call, make it count for all of us.

From my Divinity to Yours, I reach out to the connection we already share and hold that space of Unconditional Love, so you can do the same.

I’m sorry if this dish wasn’t to your taste, you may not be used to that kind of seasoning, but there’s some interesting ingredients that you may wish to add to your store cupboard for future use.

For those of you who made it this far, thank you for tasting! Use what you have within you to send out Love, healing and protection to everyone dealing with or affected by our Global tragedy.

Love and blessings,

Chef out.

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