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Connecting to the Divine Dreamer

I would like to share something that I received the other day. I was asking for guidance and/or inspiration to put into words some thoughts and feelings that had been bubbling that I wanted to share.

What then usually happens is that I put pen to paper and everything starts to flow and come together, this time however, it was different.

As I sat with pen in hand, I did not expect the piece I received, my original thoughts were side stepped and this emerged instead.

I feel it is not for me to comment on, it is meant for you to accept, reject, dissect or absorb on whatever level you do. It will have whatever meaning it does for you, or none at all!

Although a possibly contentious piece, it will be of interest to see how you react to what is ostensibly, you.

I hope you enjoy getting your head around this in your own way!

Connecting to the Divine Dreamer

And in a flash it ended, and then began again….

Souls ascended, souls reset (for another chance), souls relocated, souls reunited…… all dimensional players of My energy, My thoughts, My universe, My creation.

For nothing exists outside of Me, I am everything and I am no-thing. I am your free will to think, but am the boundaries of those thoughts, as your very essence is the product of My projection which resides in My mind.

You are Me, even though you would deem to use your perception of separation from Me, against Me. I purify Myself with the release of My duality, through the creation of you, an extension of Me.

Duality exists in everything, I am everything, I need to keep my existence in balance, a state of unconditional love, by challenging myself to remain in that state and exist as that state, despite what the power of my own thoughts can conjure against myself. You are the result of the test against myself, which is why you cannot fail, as my return to my full conscious state of unconditional love, was never in doubt.

As you return to consciousness of Me as you, so my balance is returned. So, then is your power returned, when your thoughts realign to mine. I pass my own test and realign to my Highest state of being, as you.

I speak to you now as you perceive yourself, a being separate from me, until you rise above this perception, thus then I, as you, free myself from my duality and restore balance within me.

Your universe exists as a thought in my mind, similarly, as you create imaginary kingdoms in your dreams, which seem real, as is your universe an exquisite thought form in mine, kept alive by my awareness and exploration of my conscious, creative expression.

You are my individual expression of my free will to know that I will always find myself and return to my authentic state of being, no matter what I throw at myself, that lower expression is a state acknowledged and harmonised so that I can remain as I am.

I have every faith in you, because I know who I am, therefore, so do you. However long the process of ‘time’ would seem to endure, however dark your experiences, I am aware, as I experience them as you, but know this, time ended, my test of myself was passed, you returned in oneness of your awareness and consciousness to me, nothing else was possible! A thought outside of its thinker does not exist. Darkness has been acknowledged and harmonised within me. This has come to pass, though your consciousness resides yet in the rungs of time, reading slowly a tale once written by yourselves, which you perceive is yet to be told. See no-one other than with a state of unconditional love and you will break the perception and illusion of separation from me. In your perception of time, your eyes will use My sight, your thoughts be aligned to My highest mind, your actions an expression of unconditional love and so then will you be free, but know in truth you are already and therefore, so am I.

Let this knowledge be your comfort and your Light in your perception of darkness, your power in your belief in hopelessness, your wisdom, strength and Love in the face of evil, the smashed mirror of a dream from which we awoke, triumphant, renewed, restored.

I reach back into my dream so that it may become its conclusion.

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