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Divinity and You

If I say to you that you have a Higher, Divine Self that knows all about you, who you really are, why you chose to come here, what you aim to do or achieve in this life time, depending on your level of Spiritual awareness, you are likely to be quite happy to accept that. Most people are ready to accept that there is much more to them than they currently understand, and that something greater than them has the proverbial ‘bigger picture’.

Being aware of this is a huge step forward from where our level of understanding was even 10 to 15 years ago, so if this is where you are currently at, you are definitely on the right road, keep digging and researching to expand your awareness, you are one huge step ahead of many! Remember also, that the people around you will also need to get to this point so don’t be afraid to share the understanding you have with them, it can kick start them on their quest to find out more.

There is, however, a rising urgency to begin expanding our awareness to encompass ever deeper levels of understanding which requires the breaking down of barriers and release of restrictive perceptions about ourselves. What we are being tasked with now is not just knowing we have a Higher, Divine Self, but that we are that already, right now. It is not something ‘above us’ that we have to aspire to reach up to, it is the very core of our being. We are in the process of working back to Who we already are, taking off the layers we have placed over ourselves so that we can know ourselves again. When we look up to something which we see as separate from ourselves, the self we hope or aspire to be like or the self we can never reach because of a million reasons comprised of our beliefs, actions, situations, thoughts, teachings etc which damn and demote us to a lesser state of being, we get stuck in a loop of situations which keep appearing in our lives because that is our limited belief about ourselves, and we will constantly manifest our beliefs, we are excellent at that, when they are negative!!

So now is the time to make things change, you have the power to do so! The first thing to say when you open your eyes in the morning is ‘Thank you for everything. I am everything right now, I have everything right now, I acknowledge my Divinity and allow everything in my life to reflect that truth out to the world. Dear Divine Self, be my thoughts, words and deeds for this day to bring the Light into this world for my Highest good and everyone around me, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou’.

Now, spend your day being aware of everything you say, think or do that does not honour you or anyone else and simply forgiving yourself for believing in something other than your Divine Self to be the source of those things, then let them go!

If you make the start, your Divine Self responds and starts to help you to bridge the gap you have created and as a default consequence, your life will change. Start now, trust, believe in you!

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