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The Forgiveness Factor

Those who know me, know that forgiveness is an issue that’s always been the cornerstone of my teachings.

However, I feel the perception that is generally held around forgiveness tends to shut the door before any debate can be entered into. There is a huge misperception about what forgiveness truly means.

Why should you listen to any ‘new age’ thinking that requires you to forgive someone for something that you believe they should not be forgiven? Why should those that have caused you the most pain and suffering in your life deserve to receive your forgiveness?

In order for you to even begin to start contemplating this issue, you will need to be given a reason ‘why?’. Forgiveness is an issue we come into our lives to understand and then practice, so it is something that we know at a soul level we are seeking to be at peace with, even if our personality self is not ready to release that burden.

In terms of current perceptions, many things that go on in this world would be unforgiveable if we did not have the ability to push back the boundaries and begin to open to a greater understanding of why things happen the way that they do.

My hope with this post then, is that I may be able to offer you some threads from which you may be able to weave a ‘bigger picture’ in a way that makes sense to you. It may enable you to open the door, which is a big step forward, even if going through it right now, is a step too far!

My guides and inspirers have worked with me for many years to bring me a deeper understanding on forgiveness as it is so central to our personal development and Divine awareness, which in turn is so crucial now to our collective human consciousness and how all of our own personal thoughts and actions are literally shaping our future destiny, that of our planet and beyond.

So, why should you forgive?

The best way to begin to explain this, is probably to start at the end!

When we come to the end of a physical life, the ‘life force energy‘ that animates the body, releases from it and is generally drawn to a higher vibrational dimension. At that point, many people have an expectation of some kind of judgement. What I am told is that nobody stands there judging you, you literally get to judge yourself. You feel all the thoughts and feelings of those you have interacted with over the course of your life, from their perspective. So, depending on what you did or didn’t do, there is generally a huge weight of guilt, you cannot rest as a soul because you feel so bad. At this point, you then accept the karmic responsibility for any of these issues and ask for them to be stored in your soul’s record as a karmic debt that you are choosing to pay back, because you feel you cannot rest as a soul until you do. You may have heard the term Akashic Records, this is where each soul’s record is kept, you all will have your own Akashic record. This record details everything that has ever happened to your soul in each and every life time since you were first created as a soul.

In simplistic terms, the next stage involves us deciding which karmic debts we have stored in our record, we wish to deal with in our next life time. We then interact with the soul that we feel we wronged in creating that debt and ask them to come back with us so that we can attempt to put right, or correct the balance of the original perceived misdeed. That soul may take some persuading, but eventually they tend to agree, which is a huge undertaking for them! This is where we get to the crux of the issue and where everything tends to go wrong.

When a soul agrees to come back with us to play a role in our lives that allows us to off load our karmic debt, they are generally signing up to play a negative role in our lives, because you are wanting to experience what you inflicted in some way. Therefore, these souls tend to agree to come back and play negative roles on the understanding that you will forgive them, because if you don’t, when they get to the end of that life, they then feel guilty and take on karmic debt which they will require you to then sort out with them and this then literally goes on life time after life time until one or the other soul wakes up, breaks the pattern and remembers to forgive the other to release you both from the cycle. Unfortunately, what tends to happen, you make the agreement, you come back into a new life then you forget all about it and perceive yourself to be a victim again!

So, in terms of your life today, those people who are or have caused you the most pain or suffering in this life, are those that you asked to play those roles so that you could pay off your karmic debts for things you had done to them in a previous life, that you promised to forgive. So, holding back on the forgiveness is going to weigh heavily on you because you know on a deeper level it is what you promised to do. So refusing to forgive holds that negative energy in your energy bodies and physical body leading to all sorts of negative impacts including physical ailments. As you are not releasing the toxic energy these negative thoughts create, it has to go somewhere and can turns inward upon your own body, or outwards into mass consciousness, reinforcing negative belief systems for which you will feel guilty about on your next life review!!

There is so much more that I can go into about group karma etc, but this has been a long post and I will continue with this subject at a future time.

I hope however, that this may have helped to give you some background, a frame work or a reason for understanding why forgiveness might be appropriate, where before, maybe there was none.

Love and blessings,

Toni Jehan

Unlocking the pain

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