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'Our mission and passion is to fulfill our life purpose by successfully helping others to fulfill theirs.  To inspire through guidance, insight and awareness, to empower through personal and spiritual growth and to facilitate change through our tools and services.
We commit to support people in their search to live more fulfilled, rewarding and abundant lives.'
Based in Felixstowe, Suffolk, we bring you choices for change through our great range of services; Soul Realignment™, Spirit Guide Readings, Relationship Readings, Living Beyond Perception Course and Tarot for Beginners Course.
Take a look around the site and see what inspires you to take that next step.
This amazing process identifies and clears the karmic root causes of the problems you are facing today by accessing your souls Akashic Records.
Living Beyond Perception opens your eyes to a whole new way of seeing the world and your place in it! Learn how to claim your power!
Check here for insightful blog entries about guidance, poems, divine wisdom and enlightenment information to help you on your spiritual journey.


Tarot Readings Past Life Regression Therapy Akashic Records Soul Realignment Felixstowe Ipswich Suffolk

Rider Waite Tarot Workshop

The Major Arcana

Sunday 6th October 2024

 Kirton Village Hall

Book your space here

Soul Realignment Presentations return in 2024!

All at Needham Market Community Centre

Saturday 7th September

Saturday 2nd November

Plus Sunday 14th July at

Susie Sparkle, Felixstowe!

Book your space to hear more about this amazing process!

Tarot Course Comprehensive 

Tarot slide.jpg

Learning your cards intuitively and all things Tarot you need to know!

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