Living Beyond Perception Workshop

New Date Coming Soon!

Felixstowe, Suffolk

(Venue address given on booking)

10 am to 4 pm

Come and join us at Felixstowe for an interactive workshop that will leave you with a lot to think about!


A workbook is provided, all you need is an open mind!

During the workshop:


  • We look at the things you currently perceive to be an accepted ‘fact’ about yourself, your life and the world in which you live

  • We delve into deeper meanings which question the nature of reality of everything you see and accept about and around you, as solid truth.

  • We look at the manifestation process and how your thoughts shape your reality

  • How Karma sabotages your efforts at moving forward and what you can do to clear it

  • Understanding the bigger picture about forgiveness, what is really meant by it and an exercise to help deal with it

  • Understand what a Spirit Guide is, what it can do to help you and an exercise to help you to connect to your own.

  • Look at the role of affirmations (making one of your own)

  • The power of healing

  • The Ascension process taking place and how to deal with and embrace it

  • Information relating to disclosure about hidden information and how it relates to us

Come and open your mind to some new possibilities and perceptions giving you a whole new way to look and move forward beyond your own self-imposed boundaries!

Register your place below, Cost is just £40. Please note there are only 6 spaces available, so book early to avoid disappointment! All course materials and refreshments are provided. (There will be two short tea breaks and a half-hour lunch break will be included, so do please bring your own food if required).


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