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Bearer of the Poisoned Shiv

A Wise One sat beside you

And said to ‘let it go’

But you could only see the life

All the actions, all the woe,

All the guilt of all the pain

Felt by you these burdens claimed

A barrier of blinkered sight

Behind you shone the brightest Light

The Wise One looked inside you

And asked you to forgive

But you could only feel the blade

Now boomeranged on poisoned shiv

Of those you cut and those that bled,

Of those that wounded you instead

A damning jury self convened

Behind you stood yourself redeemed

The Wise One kneeled before you

And reached into your soul

And you were bathed in wonder

Merged completely with the Whole

Self forgiveness, Self salvation

Your innocence a proclamation

But you could not accept this Light

And turned to face your former plight

The Wise One bowed before you

And said ‘Please don’t return,

There’s nothing there to answer for

Nothing pending you need learn’

But you could not forgive your role

That seemed to rip you from the Whole

All words not said and deeds not done

The chances missed – for everyone

The Wise One smiled gently

And asked you understand

That you would not remember

The fate now chosen by your hand

But you were certain of your choice

Another chance to hear the Voice

To right all wrongs, endure to atone

The Wise One opened up a tome

Then you saw the Wise One fading

With a whisper in your head

To look for the reminders

That you were not alone ahead

And for a moment you were froze

Uncertain of the path you’d chose

But gripped by need, though gripped in dread

You faced the tunnel up ahead…..

As you slipped into the feather soft skin

So it all began again

By Toni Jehan

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