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Inspired Guidance Series - Forgiveness

The Guidance in this booklet, and other booklets in this series, was lovingly inspired from those gentle beings of Light in Spirit, during meditations over many years.

The time has now become apparent for this information to be collated and made available for as many people as possible. 

Forgiveness is one of the most important, yet misunderstood of all actions. When we withold forgiveness, we are ultimately the ones who will suffer. To truly forgive, we must have to see a reason for doing so, and it is hoped that the words and teachings inside this booklet, inspired by those in Spirit will help us to do just that.

We hope you enjoy this guidance and find it of value to you on your journey here at this time.

Subjects covered:

About the Guidance
What is Forgiveness?
Achieving the Goals of Forgiveness
The Guilt factor
The Bigger Picture
The Forgiveness Exercise

Inspired Guidance Series - Forgiveness

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