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Inspired Guidance Series - 10 Step Guide to Meditation

The Guidance in this booklet, and other booklets in this series, was lovingly inspired from those gentle beings of Light in Spirit, during meditations over many years.

The time has now become apparent for this information to be collated and made available for as many people as possible. 

This particular Guidance ebook came about from our many years of doing card readings. Whilst talking to clients afterwards, it became apparent that so many people were either unaware of meditation and the benefits it could bring to them or were avoiding it due to a lack of knowledge as to what it really was. 

Having gone through the process of explaining all about it and how to do it, it became evident that a simple step by step guide would prove to be a very useful tool for peole to use. We therefore asked for guidance on the best way to put this together. The resulting ebook is the culmination of our research, experience and the guidance received.

We would recommend meditation for everyone, even children! It is so beneficial to our well being, outlook, personal and spiritual development, connecting us to that greater part of ourselves, everyone and everrything around us. If you have tried before but given up, please have a read and further attempts, it is not beyond you!

Included in the book is detailed information about what meditation is, how it benefits us, and an indepth 10 step guide to preparing and achieving it. At the end is a brief synopsis of the 10 steps that you can print and place on a wall etc. Also, we have included 4 mandalas that you can print and use whilst experimenting to see if visual meditation techniques are for you.

We hope you enjoy this guidance and find it of value to you on your journey here at this time.

Subjects covered:

About the Guidance
Perceptions of meditation
Breaking the barriers
Time and practice
What is meditation
The benefits of meditation
Preparation for the 10 steps
The 10 step guide to meditation
10 steps to Meditaion - Quick reference guide
4 Mandalas

Inspired Guidance Series - 10 Step Guide to Meditation

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