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Soul Realignment - After the Clearing

Sharing thoughts about this time of transition for you, your soul and your life

So you're cleared, what happens next?

Welcome to the new Sunflower Angels blog by Toni Jehan.

Here I will be airing my thoughts, views, guidance and poetry that I feel may help, guide or inspire on various topics.

My first topic involves a service that I am hugely committed to, namely Soul Realignment. I am not going to go into what it is here, more a sharing of thoughts on the process of how it works with you after you have gone through the clearing process. I feel this needs more clarification for those who feel they are struggling or not really understanding what happens next.

As a practitioner, I am always opening my consciousness to more information that can help those of you going through the process to better deal with, or understand the post clearing process and personal challenges this can create on an individual basis.

Soul Realignment is very much a personal journey, there is no ‘one-fits-all’ curriculum of preparation that can be accurately given. The experiences we chose to come into this life with will vary greatly in content and level of intensity between one and another. The way we handle the removal of these depends on who we are at a soul level and how quickly we integrate the personality self to work with us and help us, instead of allowing it to do its best to sabotage the process.

I do try to stress the ongoing nature of this at presentations and during consultations, along with the sheer awe of the potential of this and the gift it represents in our lives, but I sometimes feel that the enormity of this process is not always fully appreciated, nor how the removal of all past life karmic obligations is 'off the scale' in terms of what this can mean for you as the beneficiary of this Divine Grace.

Once you have completed your 21 day ‘Homework’ (which is of vital importance, and I know many of you who haven’t completed it!), then the real process begins. There is no ‘miracle quick fix’, the root cause of all the main issues in your life will have been removed, but to access the incredible level of transformation this offers to you, requires a willingness to change. You cannot stay the way you have always been and expect a life that reflects your Divinity to magically appear! If things were working for you in your life as they were, I doubt you would have been searching for a system that offered change! You have built your personality around how you have dealt with your life situations, but these life situations were chosen by you prior to your incarnation, so your karmic obligations have been the root of everything that’s happened to you from your first breath and the parents that awaited you.

So, the point I’m making, is that anything you accept as a reality and ‘fact’ about you and your life has been built upon karmic obligations that you believed you needed to address in this life. Therefore, when you take these away, you may feel a real sense of being ‘at odds’ with yourself, your soul has to readjust to these weights and restrictions not being there. This process will take as long as it takes you to incorporate the necessary adjustments this will create in your current life circumstances, as your soul starts to spread its wings and beckons you to follow suit!

Here then lies the biggest problem, as many of you are feeling that you are not ready, you haven’t kept pace with the freedom your soul wants to present to you, and are still hampered by the dogma of your current life belief systems about who you are and what’s possible for you. So, as your soul pushes you to make changes and presents opportunities for growth, you are digging in your heels and refusing to believe you can create change in circumstances around you that do not honour you and do not reflect your amazing Divinity out to the world.

This is not the case! You are a Divine being and anything is possible for you, now you are tasked with claiming your power in all situations. Your current life belief systems do not have the same power or hold over you that they used to as the root cause that fuelled them and kept them alive has been pulled out. Your soul and Divine Self is now working with you to examine all the issues that keep you from living a Divine life, bringing up one by one everything that stops or prevents you that you give power to. If you then refuse to work with it, those situations will actually get worse! Your Divine Self is pushing you to make changes and you are holding on to negative ones that don’t honour you, so the pressure mounts up.

Don’t forget, that this is a process that works for your benefit, always working to bring you to living your life in a state of peace, joy, purpose, fulfilment, abundance. You can’t be living that life if you have issues you won’t let be dealt with. My advice to everyone is to go with the flow of change, don’t fight it. If you are being tasked with something that requires money you don’t have etc, then you put the thought back out there, you are willing to make change, but they had better bring you what you need in order to do it, hand it back, but then be prepared to take action when the means does come into form! If an opportunity arises for you that would take you out of your comfort zone, take it! They don’t present anything that you are not capable of and once you’ve achieved it you’ll gain confidence and new doors and pathways can then open to you.

You are the creator of your own destiny, your thoughts are not just in your head, they are very powerful and create every situation you see happening around you. You wanted this opportunity, your soul knew long before you did that you were going to get this done during this lifetime, now let it happen. Be the change you want to see in the world! Everything you need to do that is within you, it IS you.

Blessings to everyone on this journey.

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