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From the Ashes of Reality

Hi everyone!

I have been relatively quiet during this whole pandemic, but I have listened and watched everything unfolding around us. Everyone has had to pull on their own inner strengths to varying degrees to deal with how current situations have impacted on their lives. Although there is one core theme that we have all shared, it has mutated into very different situations and scenarios for every individual, family and business.

I have personally had my eyes opened to many things, so I have been asking for guidance as to whether I should say anything, what would be the best thing to say if I did and then, the best way to say it!

Here I am with a post, so I guess by the end of this post, all three elements will have been answered, so let’s see where we go with this…

I stated in a post several weeks ago, that no matter what did or didn’t bring us to this point, the most important factor is how we personally deal with it. That hasn’t changed, in fact, that has become much more urgent now, not just because this is playing with our fears and extending further into our liberties, finances and general well-being, but also because we are having the solid, dependable nature of our reality systematically dismantled, brick by brick.

We have all built our lives on the reliance of a ‘safe’ normality, an understanding of our world on its terms, but if we had ever cared to deep-dive into anything that keep this illusion of our lives in place, we would have quickly stared into the face of how uncertain and unsafe the underpinning of our reality really was. However, this is our world and our conditioning of what it is and how it works and although it is anything but safe, its autonomy makes us feel safe because we understand it and accept it for what it is.

Questioning creates fear, it upsets the status-quo, pulls the comforting rug from under out feet and leaves us in freefall. That’s when we defiantly block any notions that challenge our ordered perception. When change comes because eyes are opened, it shatters the links in the chain, the foundations of our lives crumble, you can’t go back to seeing your illusion of reality once you’ve glimpsed something shining behind it.

That’s why we generally don’t like upsets to our daily routines, those ordered structures we cling to may bring us nothing but exhaustion, depression, fear, resentment, lack, worry, suppression, intimidation etc., but hey, that’s life, head down, get on with it, I understand my role, I have my responsibilities and my niche, don’t mess with it, it’s safe!

Then suddenly, one day our choice in the matter is taken away. A new game player has aggressively invaded our lives and has had to be incorporated into our fragile reality. We didn’t invite them in and yet they have taken centre stage and ripped out that underpinning of everything we so heavily relied upon as ‘safe’.

Our belief in our personal liberties and freedom of choice have been paramount in balancing our acceptance of our ‘lot’. In truth, you may not have had much control over your life, but whilst you had the illusion of freedom, it made it everything bearable somehow.

That life and world we all knew, pre the virus, has now gone. That may sound over dramatic, but can you honestly say that you feel the same? Can you see the world coming back from this unscathed any time soon? Now comes the big question, would you want it to be the same?

Let’s look at this, could there possibly be something good that could come out of this??

Maybe, just maybe the length of time we’ve been forced to take out of our ordered reality has actually allowed us the opportunity to step back and take a good look at that proverbial ‘treadmill’. Maybe fate has just thrown us a life ring and unmasked the illusion? I doubt it will feel that way for many of you as you watch your livelihoods slipping away, feel the anxiety of debts, unemployment, a bankrupt economy and the heartbreak of grief for those that have lost loved ones and those denied daily of our affection.

This is our wake-up call. This is where we have to take stock and literally, open our eyes. How much longer could life have continued along the same old roads? Not as long as you may think. What else could have stopped the world in its tracks? What else could have thrown a spanner in our automation of living? What else could have ground everyone and everything to an utter full stop? What else could have given people time to wake up and take a deeper look?

Take time to examine your life pre-lock down, ask some deep questions (and you can’t hide from the answers as only you know the real truth!)

Were you happy, really happy? Define what happiness means for you? Did you love your job? Did it bring you a real sense of purpose, pride, joy and fulfilment? Was your relationship working? Was your life working? Don’t be defensive in your answers or feel guilty for feeling anything that may come up, no one else is going to know them right now, if you can’t be honest with yourself, who can you be honest with?

I believe that none of this is an accident. I am not referring to the origins of the pandemic, you will have to follow your own instincts and research on that! I’m talking about the fact that this has happened at all. The timing is incredible. Our planet is undergoing changes that are going to take place with or without our input. Its dimensional energy vibration is rising and as the current custodians, we have to raise our vibrations to match it, or we simply won’t be able to exist upon it after that shift occurs.

However, we can as a collective, make that shift easier or harder for ourselves. With the power of our joint consciousness focussed in harmony upon our Earth, our world and our own self-development, we can make it an easier transition through the process. (You may wish to research Earth Ascension beyond the standard Google definitions).

So, what has this got to do with the pandemic and our subsequent lock down?

In order for us to be ready to ascend with our Earth, things have to change and in a big way! We have to become aware of things that are taking place in our world which directly affect us, things that keep our vision blinkered and our minds solely focussed on maintaining the systems that prevent us from thinking! We don’t get time to think or question, we get bogged down in survival mode, it’s designed that way for that reason!

So, if we’ve dutifully trudged along that way for thousands of years, what one event could literally stop the world? Wars certainly don’t qualify, they create distraction and are the antithesis of raising vibrations. A real deadly virus, a pandemic that literally wiped out masses of the world’s population would have had the opposite effect also. So, hold on, am I suggesting here, that I believe this was ‘brought’ to us by our own Divine Source? No, definitely not! I believe that this is a negative, man-made situation that has been utilised into a blessing, a table-turning backfire, that has shined a light on a situation that urgently needed addressing. You could say the forces of Light have utilised a weapon of tragedy and turned it into an opportunity for us to literally save our lives.

That is a big statement and it sounds dramatic, but I only write when I am urged to do so.

I know many of you will have had so called ‘conspiracy theories’ shoved under your nose to the point where you have had enough and shut down, you likely had beliefs about ‘all that nonsense’ before all this happened and they haven’t changed.

I am not about to tell you to follow anything, sign anything, watch anything or believe everything. The purpose of this post, is to give you something to think about. Whilst you may have some extra time now, use it. The root causes of our bias against change, the fears that we might actually unearth something that forces us to see things differently and shatters our view of reality, keep us from looking, we become defensive, dismissive or angry.

Now is a gifted opportunity that is not a coincidence, it’s a last chance saloon to open your mind. I’ve done my own research and I’ve had my mind blown. I’m not telling you what to do, I’m asking you to be brave enough to question and not be so sure that everything you’ve ever been told is actually the way it is?

I would call upon you to ASK your Higher Self or your Spirit Guides to help you. If there are things you really NEED to be looking , ask them to keep bringing them to you, or give you a strong feeling if something requires your attention. Please don’t allow old patterns of thinking to stop you from moving forward and becoming aware of things that would be of benefit to you to know.

We are being challenged now to start listening to our own inner guidance and learning to trust in what it has to tell us. When we follow it, everything works, when we don’t everything unravels. When you get a ‘gut feeling’ or a knowing sense about something, that is your Higher Self talking to you. It knows all about you, your life, what you came to do or achieve or offload, you are just a fragment of it that incarnates into the physical form, it Is you. So, it knows what direction is best for you to take in every circumstance. We get that feeling and in a flash of insight, we know what we need to do and then the ego voice jumps in and tells us all the reasons why we can’t take that action, and 9 times of 10, we believe it, we follow its guidance and everything goes wrong. We then get to say, ’I knew I should have done the that’, because we did know. Trust is the cornerstone of Spiritual development and we are being tasked with building that now, to rely on something other than the fearful, frantic shuts of the ego mind.

You are so much more than you know, or have ever allowed yourself to know. You are not a cut off, weak little human being with only your physical strength to rely on. Your power and potential is immense as a force of unconditional Love. You create everything in your life from the energy of your thoughts, so whatever thoughts are strongest and loudest in your mind will be the first to appear in your reality. Your reality is the outcome of your thoughts, which come from your expectations, which come from your beliefs, which come from your life experiences, upbringing and social conditioning. How do we stop the cycle? How do we break this?

Well, like it or not, the cycle has been halted for you. This has given you an unprecedented opportunity to think for yourself, to become aware and awake. Deep-dive into your spirituality, your Divinity, close your eyes and sit quietly for 15 minutes each day, honour yourself with at least this time, whilst mentally asking for guidance for the way ahead. Then follow any thoughts that come up or actions you feel urged to take that come from a place of calmness, peace, Love or ‘knowing’ and not from a place of fear.

This is literally mankind’s biggest ever opportunity to turn things around, to get prepared physically, mentally, emotionally – spiritually. We need to lose the baggage that we blindly carry that keeps our vibration in a lower state and prevents our chance of Ascending. Our world also needs to be untethered from a dark control that wears a face of concern for our lives whilst destroying our very existence. It needs our help for a smooth transition and we need to make it with it.

Why did you choose to be on the earth at this time?

Now is the time, you’ve been called to remember.

Welcome to The Great Awakening.

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