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Past Life Regression Therapy

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Interestingly enough, Past Life Regression is indeed a therapy. There can be many reasons why we choose to explore our past lives, sometimes a deep curiosity will be enough to draw us to book a session. However, the real value of Past Life Regression, is its ability to unlock the origins of many problematic pains, fears and phobias that prevent us from living unrestricted, fulfilled and abundant lives.

What is Past Life regression?

A method of being taken back to examine lives that we have previously lived. This is achieved by accessing our subconscious mind. Contained in this storehouse of information, are the backstories from all of our incarnations that have helped to shape our soul into its current level awareness and development. Strong emotional events, traumas and dramas have been experienced by most of us during past incarnations. Many of these experiences are so intense, that they perpetuate into future incarnations. Old patterns of life issues can keep recurring, irrational behavior, chronic pain, all of these things can be healed with help to understand and move on from old programmes and blockages that no longer serve us.

How is this achieved?

By means of hypnosis. Hypnosis is a gentle and non-invasive method of accessing the subconscious mind, drawing back the veil beyond the conscious mind to its vast memory bank of earlier parts of our existence. Many people have concerns over hypnosis due to TV and stage shows, but it bears no resemblance to this in any way. Hypnosis is a state that most people will find themselves drifting into at various points throughout the day. Any focused concentration or daydreaming, even driving a car! When you do anything on ‘automatic pilot’, you are in a hypnotic state. You are fully aware of the processes taking place, sometimes seeing the pictures as if watching a film and can bring yourself back at any time. You are not able to be controlled in any way.

How can this help me?

As a soul, we have many reasons why we choose to incarnate into certain life circumstances and scenarios. Sometimes, the scope of things we want to learn, experience, integrate and move on from, can be greater than a soul finds it can deal with during one lifetime. In these situations, souls can reincarnate to continue to experience similar conditions until learning to move beyond the need for them. With our level of awareness at this time, we are being given an opportunity to release ourselves from the need to carry forward issues that hamper the speed of our own personal journey of awareness. Therefore, Past Life Regression acts as a bridge, taking us back to the origin of a problem, dealing with it there and then returning to the present without it! Sometimes the healing done in the past needs time to filter into the present, but in all cases, it will require our willingness to allow change to occur!

Sometimes a traumatic passing out from a life can cause pain in a corresponding place in our bodies today. For example, if you were killed by a spear in your side, you may suffer from pain in your side that cannot be explained by the medical profession. Pains, fears, phobias, emotional states, recurring patterns, all of these can be looked into for possible past life connections.

Who will carry out my Past Life Regression Therapy?

Toni Jehen is a qualified and insured Past Life Regression Therapist as well as a Spiritual Teacher, Author, Inspirational Speaker, Experienced Tarot Card Reader for over 18 years and Soul Realignment™ Practitioner.  She has for many years received guidance and insight from her divine masters which has aided many on their spiritual pathway.  This modality resonated with her to fulfill her passion to help others realise and connect with their true divine self and resolve those issues and blockages to enable to reach their full potential and life purpose.


What happens during a regression session?

Each session is carried out in Felixstowe, Suffolk (address given via email).  When you arrive, Toni will already have your completed form, (which she will have sent to you prior to your appointment, where possible). We will sit and discuss any issues that you have or that become apparent from our discussion, that we feel would benefit from a regression therapy. Toni will fully explain the regression process so that you are happy and comfortable to continue.

Toni will lead you through some visualisations that eventually make you relaxed enough to access your subconscious mind. When she brings you back fully into the present, you will sit and discuss the session, and decide on what appropriate action to take, if any.

With a first consultation, the session will last approximately 2-2.5 hours. Any subsequent sessions will be around 1-1.5 hours if required.

Notes from the session will be written up post session and sent on to you for your records.

What is the charge for a session?

The initial consultation and past life regression session is £65 with any subsequent sessions at £40 each.


Can she help you? Why not get in touch to find out more or book a session? Toni Jehan IAHT, MPLTA

Consultation &
Past Life Regression session - £65
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Subsequent session - £40
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What happens after I've made my payment?

Once we have received your payment, we will contact you via the email address given through the Paypal payment process, with available dates to come to our address in Felixstowe where the Regression is undertaken, and a form is sent to you to be completed prior to your appointment.  

Privacy Policy


Please note that all information received throughout the Past Life Regression process is fully compliant with the new General Data Protection Regulations of May 2018. Please see our privacy policy below.

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