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Your Corporate Event with Sunflower Angels!


Are you looking for a Corporate event with a difference?


There are many different ideas available today that aim to help with cooperation and team building in the workplace. However, the real crux of many colleague relationship issues goes a lot deeper than differing personality traits. Here at Sunflower Angels we have been holding what we call our ‘Steps to Awareness’ and ‘Life Purpose Soul Seed’ events since 2014 in and around Suffolk.


What are these events about?


Our events are totally unique and bring together two important concepts about our own inner abilities and how we use them in our daily lives. We offer fresh perspectives that offer the real seeds of change and a fun way to try out and embrace the many psychic and intuitive tools that are there to help us identify and use our strengths. These events often open the door to new ways of thinking and new pathways of inner understanding and meaning that translates into our outer world.


What’s included in the day?


We include a two hour interactive life purpose workshop. This is designed to give everyone present a whole new set of ideas to think about that delve into the heart of our reasons for being here at this time and what ‘life purpose’ really means.


Armed with the information from the workshop, we invite the attendees to try out their own abilities on our Steps to Awareness tables. In a separate room we have 14 6ft x 3ft interactive tables laid out with various psychic and intuitive tools for everyone to have a go at, at their own pace! Attendees can try as many or as little tables as they wish. Each table is designed with ease of use for beginners with full instructions and hand outs. Many tables offer the opportunity to work with colleagues in a way totally different to that in the work place!


The tables included offer the chance to try out or learn about:


Tarot/Oracle cards          Pendulums        Bibliomancy        Chakras       Angel awareness      Psychometry      ESP      Ribbon Reading    

Clareomancy (Dice)         Palmistry           Runes                   Crystal Ball          Affirmations  (Make and take away a personal key ring)


We are on hand to help with any questions or guidance throughout the day.


Refreshments will be available throughout the day, lunch can be provided on request.


We know that your staff will have a day to remember!


Our Mission as a Company


We are all here to open our minds to seeing a bigger picture. The hatreds, injustices, fears and prejudices are all built upon perception. We hope that by sharing the information and guidance that we have received from the Higher side of life we can offer the seeds of a new way of thinking which will ultimately affect how we interact with each other in and out of the work place! Let us offer you the seeds for change, this could be the very reason you have discovered us today!


Please don't hesitate to get in touch for more details.


We look forward to hearing from you. 

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