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Soul Realignment™ Presentation

Soul Realignment Felixstowe Suffolk

 Sunday 17th October at 2pm

Come and join us for a presentation to learn more about Soul Realignment™ and the wonderful gift we are being given at this time to clear our karmic obligations from the past.


Find out what information is possible to know about your soul’s unique journey from its first creation to your current lifetime.  Be aware of the opportunity to understand the reasons behind why things are happening in your life the way they are and allowing them to be cleared.


  • What is Soul Realignment™?

  • How can it benefit you?

  • What it uncovers:

    • Soul Profile – What are your Soul’s personal Divine Qualities and Gifts?

    • Did your soul begin its journey on Earth?

    • What are the Akashic Records?

    • What energetic blockages and restrictions are present that prevent you from going forward and creating change?


  • Types of blockages and restrictions that can be found in the Akashic Records

  • Gifts of karmic release

  • Clearing and Repairing

  • Affirmation of Intention – Homework


FREE Extras:


  • Find out a piece of information from your own personal Akashic Records (Details and permission required via the form below) which will be revealed at the presentation.


  • Special discounted offer against a full Soul Realignment™ Reading only available to those attending the presentation -

               Full price is usually £115, but we will only be asking £75 as we know how valuable this is.


  • Cash or card payment is accepted on the day.

We are passionate about Soul Realignment™ and want to share the wonderful potential it offers to us all to live our lives in full expression of our true divine nature, living more fulfilled, content and abundant lives.


Join us to find out more. Spaces are limited to 12 people only each day.


Your completed form needs to reach us by the Thursday prior to your presentation in order to receive your free piece of information. You are still welcome to attend our presentation, but we cannot guarantee your free information if submitted after this date.


An automated email will be sent to you once you complete and submit the form below,

please check your spam folder if not received.


Privacy Policy


Please note that all information received throughout the presentation process is fully compliant with the new General Data Protection Regulations of May 2018. Please see our privacy policy below.

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