Soul Realignment™ Level 2 Spirit Guide Readings

Soul Realignment™ Level 2 Spirit Guide Readings


Soul Realignment™ is one of the most valuable gifts we can give to ourselves, clearing our karmic pathway by removing all past life karmic obligations we have accrued through our choices from previous lifetimes. (click here for full information if you have not been through the process of Soul Realignment Level 1).


When we go through Soul Realignment™, our soul undertakes a huge clearing process, all past life karmic obligations that accrue as blocks and restrictions are removed from our Akashic record which affects our physical being and the way we live out our lives. Our soul and physical being can only process so much clearing at any given time. There are, however, other current life issues that can be created by different blockages and restrictions that are not linked to past life karmic issues.


Level 2 Soul Realignment, therefore, deals with a different layer of problems. Finding and identifying these can help us to integrate the changes from Level 1 into our lives and release any further issues that may have surfaced once we are ready at a soul level. These can take the form of emotional imprints, beliefs, illusions, hooks, environmental and more. The process has been likened to peeling back the layers of an onion, one at a time.


Many of the elements in Level 2 are available to those that have not been through Level 1. However, the greatest benefit is achieved when used in conjunction with the continuation of the journey. If you would like help to integrate the changes from Level 1 into your life or simply would like to know more, here are the details of the services now available. It is not a requirement to have all services, please choose those that you feel most drawn to at this time!


Spirit Guide Reading


Your Inner Circle Guide Team

Each of us has our own personal team of Spirit Guides who work with us during the whole of our Earthly life. These guides each have their own area of expertise and have chosen to work with you in collaboration with your Higher Self because they can best help you with your chosen pathway.


The majority of Spirit Guides have had experience of incarnating on the Earth and as such can identify with the challenges we can face on a daily basis. They seek to extend their awareness and experiences by helping us, as opposed to choosing further incarnations. Understanding the nature of our team can have great benefit and provide valuable insight into our own chosen pathway.


What the Spirit Guide Profile reading provides for you from your Akashic record is an understanding and full profile of each member of your inner Spirit Guide team. Learn what the role of each guide is on your team, how they let you know they are there, their appearance to you, their soul group characteristics, Divine energy centres and if they have a message for you at this time. Knowing who is on your team and the reason they are there can help in the processes of connecting to them and calling on them in specific situations.


Please note that our Spirit Guides are not there to tell us what to do, in any situation! We are solely responsible for all of our actions here during our lifetime, our guides merely offer support, help and guidance to assist us with our choices and decisions. Your Spirit Guides operate solely based on your intentions for your life, so it’s important to set your intentions for what you want to achieve, even just for the current time.


Outer Circle Spirit Guide Team

Many people are very familiar with the fact that they have a team of Spirit Guides that work with them. Not so well known is that we also have an outer circle of 7 Spirit Guides that have the same set roles for everyone. These guides are often older, more experienced souls. These guides are not involved with the general small details of our everyday lives and experiences. These guides generally oversee several souls at one time and are very busy!


We can connect to your Outer Circle Guides via your Akashic Record, should you wish to know more about them. On some occasions you may have become aware of an outer circle guide, believing it to be part of your inner circle team!

When connecting to them on your behalf, the same level and depth of information may not be possible from each of the 7 outer guides as with your inner circle, dependent on their willingness to co-operate at that particular time!


However, this can give you a very comprehensive understanding of why you have the teams that you have, with the implications this presents to you for possible chosen pathways.


Please note that an Outer Circle Guide reading is only available with an Inner Circle Guide reading.


Please note that I can only communicate with those Guides that wish to communicate with me on your behalf, there are some occasions where one or two guides do not wish to communicate for their own reasons. Not all guides will have messages for you. There is, therefore, no guarantee as to the amount of detail I can receive from each Guide.


For all readings, please allow 4-6 weeks for the reading to be processed before contact will be made after booking and payment.


On booking your Spirit Guide Profile reading you will be sent a form which I ask you to fill out for me please, giving details of any Spirit Guides that you feel you may already know to be on your team. This is a good validation that I can confirm for you if this is correct and if they are actually on your inner team, sometimes we discover that those we thought were on our inner team are actually on our outer team! You will also be asked to set an intention for your life or current situation that you would like them to focus on helping you with. You may need to think about this, but your intention helps to shape your reading. The messages you receive will likely focus on your chosen intention.

The reading will be recorded and sent via email as an MP3, giving you background information and accompaniment explanation to the forms sent with your reading. 

Bonus Analysis Information

Included with your Spirit Guide Profile Reading, (inner, outer or both), is a full Life Lesson reading, Soul Specialisations and details of your level of connection to your Higher Self. (Full details below).


Life Lesson Reading

There is a real misperception about our ‘Life Lessons’ here on Earth. Our soul is a Divine creation and will always remain Divine. It is not here to ‘learn’ or ‘grow’ as a soul as it is already Divine. So, when we talk about our ‘lessons’ these should not be interpreted in the form of a school situation. Your soul merely chooses experiences for itself where it can access its Divinity within that lesson in a human life. So our life lessons represent the experiences our soul is choosing to examine in this lifetime, they could then be referred to more as 'themes' than actual lessons.


If you can imagine a dish of food placed before you, you may like or dislike it, but either way, you have to taste and experience it so you can know more about yourself. Sometimes you may need a few helpings to decide if you like it or not! When we are no longer interested we move on to other dishes! In the same way, we don’t have to ‘get better’ at eating a dish.


Discovering our chosen lessons for this incarnation is to understand what our soul desires to experience this time around. If we consciously embrace and live into our lessons, this will contribute much fulfillment to our lives because it satisfies us spiritually. This reading uncovers your primary life lesson and any secondary lessons which usually compliment the main.


One of the prime reasons for finding out our curriculum in this life is to see how these lessons are showing up in your life and in what specific areas. This can also highlight certain patterns that may be repeating, bringing awareness and therefore an opportunity for correction. There is always a positive and negative polarity to every 'theme' and the flip side can equally be accessed of any situation, when known!


Soul Specialisations

Soul Specialisations provide additional clues as to your Divine gifts and soul purpose. These embody certain skill sets for which your soul was innately designed. Each soul can have 1, 2 or 3 soul specialisations, there are 11 in total.


Connections to Higher Self

Our Higher Self is the highest part of ourselves of which we can have awareness in our human form. It is where our intuition comes from when we tune into inner guidance. The more connected we become to our Higher Self the more we go beyond our intellectual self and acknowledge ourselves as a spiritual Being with an inner knowing of our soul purpose. Connection to our Higher Self happens on both a conscious and subconscious level. This process determines the percentage of your connection from both. This gives us an indication of where we are currently at and a possible intention we can choose to set as a part of our experience.


Please note that Life Lesson readings, Soul Specialisation details and Connection to Higher Self details are only available as bonus information with the 3 types of readings specified above. The Chakra analysis is also only available as bonus information with the Life Situation reading.


Timings for Your Readings

For all readings, please allow 4-6 weeks for the reading to be processed before contact will be made after booking and payment.


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