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With life bringing us lots of twists and turns and the uncertainty of our future is unknown, more and more people are wanting to find a different or better way to be more self-aware, self-sufficient, and to move forward in a stronger, confident, and more positive way.


We, therefore, decided to open our home in Felixstowe, Suffolk to encourage and give you the chance to share your expertise in a talk, demo or workshop, so it can be of benefit to those that seek an alternative way of living and to be able to achieve something for themselves.

There is a variety of subjects and skills that can be of use to others, for example: gardening, crafts (crochet, macrame etc., art, papercraft), food storage and preserving food, herbs, natural remedies, first aid, wellbeing, spiritual, mental health, communal living, self-sustainability, prepping, just to name a few! Anything considered.

This is a summary of what is offered to you:

  • Held at our home in Felixstowe, Suffolk

  • Different layouts can be created for informal and formal events

  • Maximum of 17 people (inc. 2 of us and yourself)

  • Events held on a donation basis

  • There is a use of a projector and projector screen if required.

  • Refreshments and biscuits/snacks provided

  • Mornings, afternoons and evenings available

  • Daytimes available for workshops

  • Other options are available on discussion


Let us know what kind of thing you wish to offer by completing the form below and we can work together to find the ideal way to accommodate your needs and for everyone to have the best experience.