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Chakra Crystal & Information Set

  • We have put together this set to help to understand more about the role our Chakras play in our lives as well as tools to help bring them back into balance.

    Included is a set of 7 chakra crystals. Each one corresponds to one specific centre. Included: Red Jasper, Carnelian, Citrine, New Jade, Blue Lace Agate, Lapiz Lazuli and Amethyst. Holding any of these crystals can help balance these centres with the properties and energies they contain.

    We have also included 7 laminated chakra cards. These are pure colour so that they can be meditated on or focused on whilst opening or closing each centre or creating harmony and balance.

    Each card measures 54mm x 85mm so can be placed easily in the purse or wallet as required.

    Accompanying the set is a full detailed chakra chart giving details of each centre, what they relate to, foods and crystals etc. Also instruction on how to open and close the chakras.

    Organza bags included for storage of cards and crystals.