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Guide Readings

Guide readings


These 3 card Guide readings have been included to give you a direct message from your Guide through the Tarot cards.  Your Guide/s know what you most need to hear at any given time.  With these readings, we ask our guides to connect to yours and work through the cards to bring you a personal message from them.


These short readings can bring much insight and guidance about the causes of issues happening in your life at this time.  When complete, we will then email you a detailed analysis of the cards chosen and our interpretation of the message being brought to you by your guide/s.


If you have requested an email Guide reading, it is always helpful if you get the chance to take a couple of minutes, (or more if you have it), to sit quietly and think about your life situations and ask your Guide/s (whether you are aware of them or not), for a personal message that you need to be aware of at this time.  This can strengthen the link to bring deeper meaning to the readings.  Don't worry about the timings, if the thoughts are 'out there' they are picked up on!


Full in-depth write up and analysis of reading via email. Please be sure to let me have the email address you would like the reading sent to if this is different from your PayPal address!


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Email Guide Reading

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3 Card Reading
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