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Course of Awakening

This course has been designed to help you to discover the barriers designed to keep you asleep!

There are no requirements for this course except for an open and enquiring mind

If you are ready to awake, by whatever chance you have been led to this page, read on...!

This Living Beyond Perception - Course of Awakening, is the culmination of many years' of personal self-development. I have been inspired with guidance from the Higher Realms which has brought me to a place of understanding and awareness of our ongoing journey both individually, and for mankind as a whole.


We are at a pivotal point in our evolution now where we need to step up the speed of our unfolding awareness and prepare ourselves and those around us for the very real changes that are taking place right now. The centuries have been leading us to this time of a shift in vibration of our Earth and us as its inhabitants. This is an exciting time to be incarnated, an auspicious time of witnessing unprecedented change. You chose to be here at this time, that is no accident, it is time to listen to your soul's calling, to literally wake up and embrace your part in this unfolding, amazing transformation!


What can you do?


First, you have to be aware of your own thought processes and beliefs and how they prevent you from accessing and claiming your power in all situations in your life. You can't save the world until you have saved yourself! Working on yourself is everything, where we are all energetically part of each other, what you achieve for yourself becomes the benefit of all!


This in-depth course requires you to simply hold an open mind, a willingness to be shown another way, which you are then empowered to accept or reject. It takes you from the basic questioning of everything we accept as a fact, through a step by step process of unfolding awareness as we go through, bringing you from the very origins of guilt, right up to the current day and everything happening right now to each of us, as a consequence.

  •  It includes an extensive downloadable 100 workbook 

  •  Over 8 hours of accompanying video tutorials to guide you through the unfoldment            

  •  It gives you the benefits of a one-on-one experience in the comfort of your own home

  •  Access the course whenever it suits you, without the ties of schedules or times

  •  4 Video Visualisation Exercises / Meditations included

  •  Belief Systems Questionnaire

  •  How Forgiveness blocks your progress and an exercise to help with the process of letting go

  •  Understanding Karma and how to clear it (Soul Realignment discounts offered for those taking this course!)

  •  Taking you through a process of awareness of your belief systems, how they shape your life, tools to get beyond them!

  •  What you need to know about Ascension

  •  Hidden Truths we need to be aware of at this time

  •  A course inspired by the Higher Realms from years of experience of receiving guidance to take back control of your life

  • Connecting to your Spirit Guides

Work with me through the numbered video tutorials, download each corresponding section of course materials to build your workbook of the full course, make notes and work at your own pace. In the video tutorials, I use PowerPoint presentations, enabling me to give in-depth meanings and insights to the sections covered. These video tutorials total over 8 hours of one-to-one content, designed to help you on your own personal journey and discovering where that fits into the greater whole.

There are four visualisation exercise videos to help you in key areas, created especially for this course: Opening & Closing your Chakras, Forgiveness Release and Connection to Spirit Guides, you will be prompted to do these as we go through.

On signing up below, you will be sent by return, an automated email giving you a login password so that you can access the course at any time. This cannot be changed, so please make sure you make a note of it for future access to your course. On logging in, you will find the links to the exclusive video tutorials which are numbered from 1 to 21. You will also find the PDFs of the workbook sections which are also listed in numerical order. Clicking on these will enable you to view or download those documents. It is advised to follow through the course in the numerical order presented as this has been specifically designed to give you the best understanding and flow of awareness.

If you are ready to see the world in a whole new way that breaks down the barriers of a controlled narrative, then sign up for this course now. Trust your own inner guidance, if it feels right from that inner place of knowing, then this is your time and I look forward to being a part of your journey.

Love and blessings,


Toni Jehan 

Course Creator and Instructor

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