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Please feel free to enter the name of any person, place or situation that you would like us to ask for and send healing energy to, including yourself!Please note that healing is of 'The Source of all life' and not of the body we currently occupy! The body is merely the physical link in the process. Where healing is asked for it is always given. However, healing does not always take the form WE expect or would like.


Here you must trust, that which is greater than us, knows exactly the form the healing must take to be in the Highest interests of each person/situation. The form of this healing will not always be obvious or immediately felt, but will always be perfect due to its origin. No cures are being offered or guaranteed! Most importantly, should anyone feel they no longer require medication due to any improvements of conditions, please discuss this with your doctor before taking any action.


Where possible, please ask the permission of those you would request healing for, however should this not be possible, this will be known and automatically sought of the Higher Self. Finally, please do let us know of any positive feedback, so that everyone may share in this upliftment!


Light's Blessings




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